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Maxi Cab Taxi company is a popular supplier of cabs in Sydney for people to commute hassle-free anywhere in the city. We are readily available round the clock for Maxi, Taxi, Cab, Wheelchair Taxi, Baby Seat Taxi, Group Transfer To City CBD Or Any Events, Corporate Transfer, Or Cruise Transfer Maxi Cab In Sydney, airport pick-ups and drop-offs at nominal rates. Our drivers are professional and keep up on time which is why they arrive prior to dropping off the passengers on time keeping in mind the traffic and weather conditions.

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Airport Transfers

Sydney airport transfers is one prominent service offered by the Maxi Cab Taxi company at fair prices connecting to the hotspots of the Metropolitan city. We stay connected with the customers to know their departure location and time and provide the pickup time accordingly to board the flight on time. Customer satisfaction is our priority that is why we stay connected with them to meet their requirements. The Maxi cab can accommodate up to 12 passengers with flexible payment options for the passengers.

Wheelchair Taxi Sydney

This Maxi taxi service is for people with disabilities and the drivers are certified enough to handle people to travel anywhere across Sydney. The wheelchair taxi consists of four points to attach the wheelchairs safely to prevent accidental falls of the passengers. These vehicles are referred to as Wheelchair Accessible Taxis and are designed to simplify the lives of people who cannot walk independently.

Baby Seat Taxi

Maxi Cab Sydney provides highly durable and well-built baby-comforting taxis with newborn seats giving reassurance to families with babies. Children below 12 months are not permitted in taxis until they are locked in a baby seat. Children above 12 months are advised to wear seatbelts. Kids between four to twelve years are Should sit in the booster seat. We make your journeys much more relaxing with our Baby car seats.

Corporate Transfers

Today, many corporate companies arrange for business gatherings or conferences and may need to hire a professional Maxi taxi for dropping off the employees. Our maxi cabs are the best choice as we pick up people at the convenience of their homes.

How many passengers can fit in a maxi taxi?

An ideal partner to accommodate a maximum number of 12  passengers if you are looking for a long trip to another country or a tour around Sydney City. Manage corporate transfers gracefully with maxi taxis that can shift the team from the source to the destination that too on time. The leg space is brilliant for the travellers to feel comfortable throughout the journey.

Spacious enough for upto 11 members

Space for huge luggage

Great design with attractive Interior

Baby or old-age person Safety props if requested.

What's the difference between a Maxi and a Taxi?

The room space and leg space is the only difference between a Maxi and a taxi. The bigger the taxi it can bear luggage that is best suited for long travel for a big family. But, the quality of the services and expertise of the drivers is the same in both cases which makes both the desirable options.

How much luggage can fit into a maxi taxi?

If you are planning for an international trip, then choose six people plus their luggage’s which can fit well into the maxi taxi. On the other hand, if it’s a short domestic trip then you are allowed to accommodate a maximum of ten people and even more inclusive of their luggage. The drivers have adequate experience in organizing the baggage for the travellers to lessen their burden and enjoy the trip.

How to book Maxi Cab in Sydney?

Booking a cab or maxi taxi is simple if you log in to our website and hit the Book now link. Fill in all the requisite details and leave your contact details so that our admin team will revert to you based on their priorities and confirm the availability of the taxis on the specific date. Alternatively, you can call us on the given toll-free number and enquire about the type of service you are looking for.

Why Choose Maxi Cab Taxi Sydney?

An authorized Maxi taxi supplier company in Sydney catering to the customer’s needs based on their requirements. We offer flexible payments without any price fluctuations during busy schedules which makes us a reliable taxi company in the city. The charges are upright and while booking itself we will share you the trip charges in the form of estimate which means you will have to pay only the mentioned amount. Our drivers are highly experienced and reliant to ride you through the bumpy roads safely. So, you need not worry for your family as we take charge of your entire family right there. We educate our drivers to follow all safety standards like wearing seat belts, installing the baby seats correctly, and loading the luggage safely to keep the travellers relaxed and go happy during our partnership period. Our charges are affordable and you need not pay any tips to our drivers. They are professional and kind enough to help you in case of any emergencies during the travel.

Huge Fleet Size

Exclusively Private

24*7 Customer Support

Safe And Fully Secured

Expertise Service


At Maxi Cab Taxis Sydney, we offer the best maxi taxi services all day and night. Please call us on 0291725692 or email shortly after your reservation and we will send a cab to your doorstep. We strongly recommend booking early so that we can meet your needs and provide you with a vehicle that suits your needs.

  1. Quick and easy booking process.
  2. clean and maintained properly cars.
  3. Reliable and high-quality service each time you use our service.

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