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Searching a Maxi Cab Sydney for Group Travel?

A Reliable and Affordable Maxi Cab Sydney for you and your crew

Searching for a Maxi Cab Sydney for your families & friends? You are at the right place! We offer Maxi Cabs for various occasions like events, corporate functions, weddings, and Airport Transfers. Our service is renowned in Sydney, with experienced drivers who ensure a smooth ride.
You can count on us for rides anywhere within Sydney, with over 50,000 trips between the City to Sydney Airport.
We also cater to late-night parties and events, weddings, and long trips such as Maxi Cabs Sydney from Blue Mountains to Sydney City, vice versa, and maxi/taxi from Sydney Airport to Cruise Terminals.
Additionally, we provide premium 11-seater Maxi Taxis for your group travel needs.


What's a Maxi/Taxi Sydney?

A maxi/taxi is a vehicle made to carry more than four passengers, However, a Sedan Taxi which can’t carry more than four passengers along with luggage. If you’re travelling to or from Sydney Airport or heading to an event from Sydney City to Sydney Olympic Park, you should pick ‘Maxi Cab Taxi Sydney’, one of the best maxi taxi Services in Sydney. You can also have a great time during your journey with our maxi/taxi sydney (Party Bus), specially made for party lovers.


How many people with luggage can a Maxi Cab Taxi hold?

11 passengers can sit in a Maxi Cab or Taxi Van along with 11 large luggage bags. Additionally, if you’re traveling with long items like surfboards, mobility scooters, or electric wheelchairs, the Maxi Cab Sydney Taxi is the ideal choice.

Is there any additional charges? Or does the price change based on the number of passengers?

The answer is no! there is no any additional charges for the increase in number of passengers during the trip as we provide the quotation based on the taxi type i.e Sedan, Maxi Wagon, Maxi Taxi 11 seater etc.

Will the driver load or unload our bags?

Basically! if there is a lot of luggage during the trip a Maxi Cab Driver in Sydney can help the passengers with their loading and unloading of the luggage

Maxi Cab in Sydney for Group Transfer

To book a Maxi Cab in Sydney for a Group party night, We are one of the finest Maxi Cab Service Providers when compared to other Taxi Services we have the most comfortable and safest ‘Maxi Cab Taxis in Sydney’ for your reliable group travel service in Sydney. We have the best fleets with more than 1000+ experienced drivers all across Sydney, ensuring your transportation needs are met.

In Sydney, securing your ride is easy with ‘Maxi Cab Taxi Sydney’. Our large fleet of taxi maxi covers the entire Sydney City, making Maxi Cab Sydney the preferred choice for customers. Whether you’re headed to Sydney Airport or attending a public event, Our maxi/taxi sydney airport is the perfect option for group travel.

How Many Can Travel in a Taxi Maxi Cabs?

A Maxi Cabs Sydney is designed to meet various customer needs :

How to Book a Maxi Cabs Sydney for Group Travel

Booking a Maxi Cab Sydney is much simpler nowadays, whether you’re travelling with Children, need Wheelchair Accessible Taxis heading to Sydney Airport, or travelling with a Group in Sydney. All these needs can be met with just one Maxi in Sydney.

We’ve made booking stress-free with the following processes:

What does a Maxi Cabs Taxi cost?

The cost of a Sydney Maxi or maxi cabs in sydney depends on factors such as the pickup and drop-off locations, the number of passengers, and availability. For instance, if a customer requires a Sydney Maxi Cab Taxi from Darling Harbour to Sydney Airport for 10 passengers with luggage, the price would typically range from $100 to $120 in Sydney.

Which MAXI CAB is the best for Comfortable Ride?

All Maxi Cab in Sydney are designed to provide the best comfort for passengers. However, the level of comfort can vary based on specific customer needs. For example, some may require a Maxi or Taxi with a baby seat, a Maxi Cab (Party Bus), a Maxi Cab Sydney Airport with ample luggage space, or a Maxi Wheelchair Accessible Taxi.

How does a MAXI/TAXI differ from a regular taxi?

Taxi Maxi offer a completely different experience compared to regular taxis. Regular taxis often can’t meet the needs of customers travelling in groups in Sydney, those requiring wheelchair accessible options, or those travelling with children under 2 years old. That’s why Maxi Cab Taxi Sydney is the preferred choice for customers, offering solutions that regular taxis can’t match.

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asra khan
I have a good experience with Maxi Cab Taxi Sydney. The driver is on time and gave a good service.
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Shane Hardy
Best maxi taxi
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Abrj Richard
Best maxi taxi business in Australia clean and easy going drivers best taxi service to pick
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Very helpfull driver
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Best taxi service wheelchair NDIS transport Maxi taxi wheelchair open 24/7